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    Consultant of the Year 2008 Award



    28th. January 2009.

    Managing Director in Human Factors in Norway, Bjørn Z. Ekelund, is awarded the prize “Consultant of the Year 2008” for his international breakthrough with the instrument Diversity Icebreaker.


    The award is established by Institute of Management Consultants - Norway and Konsulentguiden. Chairman of the jury is former President at the Norwegian School of Management, Professor Torger Reve.


    The jury recognizes Bjørn Z. Ekelund’s success in developing the Diversity Icebreaker tool, and the positive response of thousands of customers using this concept. Diversity Icebreaker creates a safe psychological climate to share ideas between people who have very different ways of thinking. These differences may be due to personality, professional and cultural differences. Diversity management is the concept used to handle these differences.


    The jury also honor his efforts in sharing his knowledge through articles, books, and conference presentations worldwide, and his use of theoretical knowledge both within academic institutions and as a practical consultant.




    For more information about the tool:

    Diversity Icebreaker



    Bjorn Z Ekelund CV (pdf-file)


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