Human Factors


    Consultant of the Year



    Bjørn Z. Ekelund was awarded the prize: “Consultant of the year” for his international breakthrough with the instrument “Diversity Icebreaker”.








    Human Factors in Norway

    • An international management consultant company specializing in teams, leadership, cultural diversity, communication,  project leadership, and measurement instruments.

    • Human Factors can support you with test products,  run Diversity Icebreaker sessions all over the world, train internal and external consultants, support and give advice, consult organizations that want to use the concept to change organizational culture and conduct and coordinate research and analysis.

    • Human Factors AS in Norway was first established in 1993 as a branch of Human Factors Int. Ltd. in UK with operating offices located in London, Moscow and Oslo. Today, Human Factors AS in Norway is an independent company that has co-operation and international distribution agreements with various companies across various parts of the world.


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We have delivered our services to
large international companies for
more than 20 years.




Human Factors AS • P.O. Box 86 • NO-0216 Oslo • Norway • Tel: + 47 22 42 30 30 • • E-mail: